Outsourced Product Development

When you want to build an Enterprise Software Product, some of your biggest concerns are speed of delivery, ability to change the specifications through various iterations of development, user experience, quality and performance. We leverage the power of our platform to deliver better outcomes than conventional development on all these fronts.

We have built many succesful products some of whom have become very succesful commercially. Some examples of enterprise class products built by us include

  • Power2SME.com
  • DesiFresh
  • Narrative Health Network

This is apart from the products we have built and marketed on our own for HR, Workforce Management and Staffing

You will see improved outcomes in all the stages of software development

  • Initial Wireframe/ Prototyping
  • Multiple iterations with market, customer and user feedback
  • Rapid Assembly (Development)
  • Deployment
  • Support
  • Life Cycle and Hosting Support through various version releases

This approach is ideal for startups that need to bring out their first production version rapidly after angel / seed funding, or for companies to bring out new internal initiatives directly to the market.