About Us

Since 2003 our mission has stayed focussed on the same thing - Deliver Enterprise Applications with High Productivity, leveraging innovative low code technologies. Over the years we have been progressively increasing the levels of development automation for our customers thereby reducing effort, increasing speed of delivery, improving levels of user experience, quality, performance, business results and improving ongoing maintainability/ change management.

The names for these approaches may have changed from. model base development, to low code development and is now called high productivity application development, but our commitment to development innovation stays. The hot technology topic of the year could change from mobility, micro services to block chain to IOT to AI/ ML but at the heart lies Enterprise Software and productivity of developing these remains our focus.

We have delivered Enterprise Applications with different engagement options

Our own products (www.KServeHRMS.com, www.WorkNgage.com and www.StaffingDigitized.com)

Outsourced product development for startups as well as established companues

Blue Printing and Wireframing Services

Rapid Custom Development

We intend to shortly provide the capability where you (citizen developers who need not coding) will be able to fully assemble complex enterprise applications without our assistance. Our goal is to continue in pushing the boundaries of application development productivity to a point where applications are not coded any more but only assembled, and that day is not far off

We have users from 70 countries using the applications that have come out of our platform. These come from over 250 solutions delivered so far. As we add new products, platforms and services we expect to see these numbers grow exponentially.