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Rapid Custom Application Development using Low Code Platforms

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Accelerating Digital Transformation

Expect business results with amazing speed quality, and expertise

We have over 18 years of experience in developing enterprise class applications (cloud, mobile, hybrid) across the world, in a wide range of industries, across solution areas,  with highly flexible engagements. We deliver outcomes, benefits and results that matter to you - like enabling a better experience for your customers, increasing your market share, engaging your employees, or in improving your topline and bottom line. We deliver rugged and high performance applications, with enjoyable user experience, and in surprisingly short timeframes.

Talk to us today, to kick start your project, and accelerate your digital transformation goals

Application Development Services

Moile android-app.png

Mobile & Hybrid applications


Enterprise Applications




Legacy Cloud Enabblement

Product development.png

Product Development
( SaaS/ Cloud )

service-desk (1).png

Managed Services
(for apps built on Stragliti platform)


Value Proposition

Delivery Results


Rapid delivery at all stages

Powered by an enterprise class full stack Low Code Platform (Stragiliti), and a large library of components - proven, cloud ready, scalable

Enjoyable user interfaces

Combining proven design principles, artistic creativity and consistency during usage

High Quality/ Performance

Proven processes & methods to ensure quality across the delivery chain

Hands on, 'rollup our sleeves' approach to business results

Extreme focus on business results throughout the process

Expertise and Experience

Experience and Expertise in technology - Depth, innovative and uptodate - to complement your organization

Proven experience

With over a 100 custom solutions delivered in 12 countries over the last 17 years - we know what it takes to make complex software projects succeed

Competitive due to a triple advantage

Our triple advantage is a) our efforts are far lower due to Stragiliti our enterprise low code platform b) Our teams are right sourced from different locations c) Our expertise encapsulated in processes, templates and reusable components

Value Proposition

Our own Low Code Platform (

Stragiliti - Linked in Page Background.PNG

Platforms and Accelerators

  • Our own Enterprise Class Proven, Full Stack Low Code Platform ( to accelerate custom development by 3x to 10x

  • Processes for End to End Delivery & Quality Methodology

  • Reference process models for a variety of domains

  • Leveraging our own library of reusable components over the platform built over a decade

  • Access large and well chosen/ proven and relevant open source and third party components

  • Expertise to rapidly integrate with Microsoft products, tools, platforms and languages on Azure Cloud and elsewhere

Platforms & Accelerators

Portals (Employee, Customer, Partner..)



Financial Services - Fund Management


Departmental Workflows

Production Workflows


Workforce Management

HealthCare Networks

CRM (Sales/ Marketing)


Call Center/ Support


Financial Services - Insurance Booking


Employee Surveys


Performance Management


BI & Analytics


Talent Management


Human Resources & Payroll


Department Applications (e.g Audit) for global use

Some Solution Domains  Delivered


Some of our Clients

Tech Finium.png

Indorama Ventures (Global)

ZACD, Far East

Techfinium (UK)


KorComptenz (US)

LCC (Middle East)

Amnesty International (Africa)

Solutions delivered to hundreds of customers worldwide over the past 18 years




MS Azure Cloud

. NET (VB, VC, SQL Server)

Java (Javascript, Bootstrap.js, node.js etc.)


Native Mobile Apps

Office 365.png

MS Office 365


Low Code Platforms


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